Christmas is Coming!

It is never too early to start planning for your perfect Christmas, and here at The Willow Tree we have made sure to provide everything to make your holidays all the more special.  We have just released our new Christmas Range and we've included a wonderful variety of greetings cards, tree decorations, wrapping paper and gift bags!

If you'd like to make your Christmas tree truly unique to match your personal style we have a range of decorations to choose from - whether you'd like something bright and colourful like the flamingo baubles, or something more classical like our cracked metallic selection

Bauble Showcase.jpg

We also have a large selection of beautiful greetings cards, including this quaint collection designed by The Hidden Pearl Studio

Cards on string.JPG

We'll be having our Christmas Launch Night on Thursday 2nd November which we are very much looking forward to - there'll be mocktails, live music and a 10% discount on everything purchased that evening. Until then you are more than welcome to purchase our range on our website, and we have a larger selection in store so please come by and say hello!

In Action: Beginners Floristry Workshop

We love flowers, and so does our owner, Amber. She leads so many amazing floristry workshops and she decided to put on the ultimate workshop to get you from buying a bouquet and shoving it in a vase to putting together your own arrangements, buttonholes and posies.

Alongside running a business, Amber has been training to be a florist and just couldn't wait to pass on the knowledge to others

A wreath example she made out of some truly stunning flowers

A wreath example she made out of some truly stunning flowers

And whilst the lovely Amber would never blow her own trumpet, we really don't mind doing it for her! 

If you fancy having a go at making some lovely flower arrangements, learn how best to care for them and a few top secret floristry tips, you can pop along to our next workshop.

To find out more and purchase tickets, click here.

A Willow Tree Adventure to Autumn Fair

Last week we closed up the shop for a little adventure into Birmingham! We love going to trade shows and getting inspired by the newest makers and designers, and we were especially happy because Christmas was in the air!

We took a vlog of our journey which you can watch here:

We honestly can't wait to unleash Christmas on you all, but for now this little taste will have to suffice!

New In: Georgina Bywater Jewellery

Recently we've been abuzz with excitement for our latest jewellery stockist, Georgina Bywater.


This beautiful bee bracelet is in store now and also comes in a beautiful earring set! Summer might be just about over, but that doesn't mean our love of bees is any less!


Georgina also offers personalised options which you can order in store. We love these initial bracelets and necklaces (maybe because they have our initial on them!)


If you'd like to see these beautiful handmade items in the flesh, pop in and ask to have a look! We promise you won't be disappointed

P.S. make sure you share this post with your other half in time for Christmas!

Maker of the Month: Ooh I Like That Design

This month we're celebrating the lovely Ooh I Like That Design, who we've been lucky to stock pretty much since we opened!



Their beautiful, vibrant cards are great to send to all of your fun, colourful friends (and their kids!). We personally love these two pictured above, which combine colour and puns.


We're in love with their pastel colour schemes and these cards sit so prettily all in a row!


Our Little Willows deserve only the best! The A4 A-Z print from Ooh I Like That Design is so playful and fun, and a great educational tool at the time same!


Every month we change over our feature ladder and cram it full with as many products from our Maker of the Month as possible! Who wishes they were little again so they could send THOSE invites?

Thank you so much, Ooh I Like That Design, for making such beautiful products and for letting us stock them in the shop.

Would you like to be our next Maker of the Month? If so, email us at for more information

In Action: Getting Boxy

We've posted about our box terrarium workshops before because they are so much fun. Who doesn't love giving their plants a snug little home to flourish in?


Adding every essential layer to your terrarium by hand is one of the best feelings. You know that you're responsible for providing your plants with such a happy environment as well as making something incredibly pretty to keep around the house.


We can't wait to see how all of these grow and make the best of their mini eco-systems. If you'd like to come along and take a terrarium all of your own home, head over to our events page

In Action: Pretty Flower Crowns

Our flower crown workshops are always popular at The Willow Tree. It's always great fun to pass on floristry skills to our lovely customers and everyone always looks so beautiful when they wear their finished product. 

We got our vlog on and made this little video of our most recent flower crown workshop:

In Action: Photo Styling Workshop

We got snap happy this week with our first ever How To Style Photos That Grow Your Business workshop. 


The wonderful Jessica and David Stone Photography brought along their wonderful set up and let us all have a play. 


These are some of the beautiful products from our Maker of the Month and Willow Tree owner, Amber Turnbull! You can shop her collection here.    


Not only was the workshop a great chance to network and spruce up your photography, but it was so much fun! Everyone left with a great set of photos and tips that will help them to grow their business in the years to come

Maker of the Month: Rose & Willow

Every month we like to celebrate a maker we stock (or makers we just love anyway). This month we're taking a look at The Willow Tree owner, Amber Turnbull's, stationery company, Rose & Willow.

We asked her a couple of questions about Rose & Willow:

1. When did you start Rose & Willow? And what made you start it?

I think it was May 2015. I don't really know... I always liked drawing and a friend at work asked me to make a birthday card for her Mum, because she was struggling to find one that was just right. And it kind of went from there as a hobby and I kept making things for friends and family and then grew into a business.

2. How did you pick your business name?

I wanted something to fit with leaves and flowers as that is kind of my signature style. A lot was already taken but Rose & Willow fit really well.

3. What's the worst mistake you've made?

Not putting in enough time and effort. I let it go because things were pretty hectic with the shop and everything else. I think I give up a bit too easily.

4. What's your most helpful tool?

Instagram - it always has been. It's a creative platform, it's visual and there are friendly people on it. Not just people who like and comment but people that actually go that extra step and purchase from you.

5. Where do you see Rose & Willow in the next 5 years?

Hopefully as my second successful business. So that I can take a few days a week away from the shop to dedicate to Rose & Willow as a successful stationery company.

6. What's the one piece of advice you'd give to anyone else starting or running their own creative business?

Stick at it and don't give up. There will be people who make negative comments and put you down but if you enjoy what you're doing ignore it and carry on.

7. If you were stranded on a desert island, what's the one thing you'd have with you?

Plain paper and a pen. I know that's kind of two things but you could do all sorts - noughts and crosses, draw things, make paper plane, light it to make a fire...