Maker of the Month: Rose & Willow

Every month we like to celebrate a maker we stock (or makers we just love anyway). This month we're taking a look at The Willow Tree owner, Amber Turnbull's, stationery company, Rose & Willow.

We asked her a couple of questions about Rose & Willow:

1. When did you start Rose & Willow? And what made you start it?

I think it was May 2015. I don't really know... I always liked drawing and a friend at work asked me to make a birthday card for her Mum, because she was struggling to find one that was just right. And it kind of went from there as a hobby and I kept making things for friends and family and then grew into a business.

2. How did you pick your business name?

I wanted something to fit with leaves and flowers as that is kind of my signature style. A lot was already taken but Rose & Willow fit really well.

3. What's the worst mistake you've made?

Not putting in enough time and effort. I let it go because things were pretty hectic with the shop and everything else. I think I give up a bit too easily.

4. What's your most helpful tool?

Instagram - it always has been. It's a creative platform, it's visual and there are friendly people on it. Not just people who like and comment but people that actually go that extra step and purchase from you.

5. Where do you see Rose & Willow in the next 5 years?

Hopefully as my second successful business. So that I can take a few days a week away from the shop to dedicate to Rose & Willow as a successful stationery company.

6. What's the one piece of advice you'd give to anyone else starting or running their own creative business?

Stick at it and don't give up. There will be people who make negative comments and put you down but if you enjoy what you're doing ignore it and carry on.

7. If you were stranded on a desert island, what's the one thing you'd have with you?

Plain paper and a pen. I know that's kind of two things but you could do all sorts - noughts and crosses, draw things, make paper plane, light it to make a fire...